We are extremely pleased to announce that POCC is about to reach a major milestone of 10,000 members soon. (As of today, the count is 9977.) This milestone is special to us. Thank you to each one of you who has contributed in making POCC reach this milestone.

Started in the year 2008, POCC has always tried to enrich the entrepreneurial spirit within the community –through monthly meet-ups, office hour sessions, discussion boards, regular useful events and also through special events like iWeekend.

As we reach this milestone, we are planning for a BIG event in coming few weeks. We look forward to enthusiastic participation from the Pune entrepreneurial community for this event. This is also a time to thank all the volunteers who are contributing in maintaining the momentum of POCC while managing their own ventures.

Congratulations once again to everyone!

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Inviting volunteers for PR. Please have a look at http://punestartups.org/forum/topics/inviting-volunteers-pr-persons

Great News !!

I recently moved back form the US (currently traveling back) and am happy to see a supportive StartUp community.

Thanks to the hard work from you, Santosh, Nikhil, Jayesh, Anmol and all the others.

If you want, I can talk to the LA Tie-chapter and some other organizations to get the word out.

Thanks Vivek for the kind words.

Sure we are looking to get the word out - however let's do it in a structured fashion. We have among us a small team who would be coordinating all the PR. (If you could reply to Radha's post above, then these efforts can be coordinated well.)

I quickly checked out your profile. Your experience / contacts may help the community here. I look forward to seeing more of you around. We may meet up some time and talk through various ideas.

Congratulations to the executive team of Amod, Ashish, Jayesh, to the core team, especially the volunteers on making this milestone!

Best regards,



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