Ankit Parashar, SLP 2015 fellow raised $1.3 million last week! How was his experience with SLP Pune?

Ankit's experience with SLP....
Last date to apply SLP Pune is 15th August 2015.
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Ankit`s experience with SLP 


"Building a company has many stages: getting idea, reviewing it, testing it, building product, finding customers, mentors and advisers, business plans and finance. SLP covers each stage in detail. From great tips from experts on how to do sales, to understanding the details of a term sheet, all neatly packaged into a lifetime experience. It provided me with a closely knit network of trusted peers who can share their ups and downs together and work as a team towards each other's goals. Thank you PL team and fellows for this wonderful experience".

Recent Achievements :

  • In August 2015 - raised $1.3 million in funding.
  • In June 2015 - has acquired 

Have you applied for SLP Pune 2016 ?

Last date of application is 15th August 2015 !

To apply & to learn more about: or 

Note for the applicants : We select only 25 from 150 applications, so take time to fill the applications . Generally, it takes 2-4 hours of your time, 50% of fields in application are optional but filling them will help you to stand-out in the crowd.......Best of luck........ 

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