Hi All, 

These are the exciting times for entrepreneurs and new venture founders. Even in our Indian society, being a startup founder is accepted now ( I remember it used to be a sin, couple of years ago :)  )

For some reasons, Pune is highly successful as an IT city but failed drastically to be a startup city. We are miles behind Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad in terms of creating startups. 

This doesn't mean that we do not have great people or great ideas or great startups, it's just that we do not have a good startup culture in Pune. I have faced this personally over a decade of my personal experience being a startup founder and a Punekar. 

One important factor that didn't help us is a total lack of noted VC firms and angel investment network in our city. Well, as they say, it's never too late to start. So here we are. 

I am planning on starting a "Pune Angels network" which will focus specifically on Pune startups. We will focus NOT only on funding but to develop the overall startup ecosystem of our city. 

I am personally committing my funds and looking for like-minded people to join. It's NOT a VC fund run by professionals, but will be a "Sort of Mutual fund" with personal investments and run by a group. 

Further details are open for discussion. These are great times to be an entrepreneur and being associated with startups, to build something great and leave your mark. 

Let's join together and make our city as a next startup hub. 

You can write to me on my personal email id at- Sumit784@gmail.com for further discussion.

Looking forward to meeting some great people here. 


Sumit Rathore

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Appreciate your initiative 

Hi All, 
I have been getting few email from startups looking for investors and seems like you havn't read/understood this post clearly.
Just to be clear about my post, I am NOT yet looking independently to invest in any startups, but trying to form an angel group of HNI. Maybe if I get a few good like-minded people, we may start investing. 
For now, I am not making investments. 
Thanks again for your interest and all the best for your endeavors.

Hello POCC, 

Just an update on this discussion. I have already got 2 people interested in joining hands and have committed funds. 

Looking for more people to participate so that we can create a good initial fund. 

Let it keep coming. 

- Sumit

Great effort sumit ....

It might help if POCC members also post this thread link to their respective LinkedIn.
I have already done it

in fact, not just this thread, links other threads also can also be posted, it would be a win-win  

Thanks Sandeep :)

Link to my share 

I believe the startup ecosystem will thrive much better if there is a symbiotic spirit 


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