An informal meet with those in education or education related or children related work

Planning an informal meet with individuals or business entities who are in education or children related work. 

 It would be great to discuss schools, coaching centers, educational products, services related to educational institutes (Transport, Catering, Sports etc)  and products/ services for children ( books, camps, food, activities, classes etc)

The objective is to understand

  • who all are in this sector
  • what are the challenges 
  • how have they overcome the challenges
  • what can we do as a group
  • what support is needed
  • anything else 

Kindly reply to this  discussion only. Based on the response an event may be organized. Those who have replied to my sms, may also comment for the benefit of others.


Madhurie Singh

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Hi Madhurie,

This would be great. We would love to share our learnings as well as discuss the challenges.



Hi Madhurie,

This would be interesting. We would love to meet people who are working in aligned streams and share valuable thoughts, challenges and further plans.

-- Manish

Great initiative Madhurie.

It sure will be lot of valuable information, if experiences are shared by various players in the education field.

You can most definitely count me in.


The venue and date, time are finalized and will be messaged in your inbox.

The meet is for this Sat, 6th July, 2013, 5-7pm.

Lunkad Skylounge

Lane 7



Near Gold Big Cinema

Kindly sms your name and email id, if you are interested in coming to the discussion.




Hi, I am a teacher and I have been a long time member of Pune startups, could I join

Dear Chandrakant,

If it can be of any mutual benefit , you are most welcome.

Do give me a call if you have any need for clarifications.


Madhurie Singh

Education Products and Service Reviewer


Dear Madam,


I idea is great, appreciate and acknowledge your efforts...

Couple of other objectives which can be listed are

1. Scaling up the start-up which are typically 2-3 yrs vintage in the business

2. Intra-personnel alignment of Partners and guide them to a common goal of organization

3. Sustaining the business with the current challenges

4. Whom to associate for revenue generation

5. B2B model to branch out

I am looking forward for your inputs and happy to exchange ideas... look forward for this meeting on 6th july...(Registration Help)

kindly connect- 9552919699

Best regards,

Adwait Date- Founder & Partner

Eureka Preschool, Daycare and Activity center....

Erica- A7, Magarpatta city, Hadapsar- 411028

Dear Mr Date,

Dear Mr Date,

I am glad that you have mentioned so many pointers for the meet.

Like its mentioned it is an informal meet of everyone sharing their challenges and the ways they have managed to creatively turn around these situations.

Also how each one of can be of aid to one another.

Do give me a call if you have any need for clarifications.


Madhurie Singh

Education Products and Service Reviewer


Hi Ms madhurie, I am Professor @ Jayawantrao Sawant Polytechnic, Hadapsar Pune.............I want to share my thoughts if given an oppurtunity


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