Am an Angel/Seed Investor - Looking for tech startups to invest in, in Pune

i and a group of friends in Pune are looking to make a seed/angel investment in a tech start up in Pune. we are looking to make an investment of 5-10 lacs in a tech start up, which is ideally web based, is NOT into pyramid schemes and has a global appeal. not particularly keen on services unless they are unique.

please feel free to make contact.

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Can you please provide me your contact information for further discussion.

My email id is: and my contact number is +91-9970285284.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks & Regards,

Abhishek Maheshwari

Please share your Contact Details 

We have a published patent and want to implement it.. for this start up we require investment worth Rs 50 lakhs.. Let me know if you can help us out

Hello Prathamesh please let em know your contact details.

My mail id:

Contact No: 09923755170

Some one sent me an email but i have no clue linking that email to any poster here since the person sent the email from an unknown id and did not give any name.

if you are using an anonymous email id, i would appreciate if you could refer back to any of your post here for me to make a connection.

apologies if i sound rude, but it irritates the hell out of me!


Hi, we are working on a web startup for college students, outside the educational space. Though we are based i=out of delhi, i will be traveling to pune next week. Maybe we can discuss this further. I stayed in pune for around 6 years. you can contact me at

Dear Yadu,

I referred the posting now, because I joined recently.

Incase you have still the same plan in mind then I have an ecom portal proposal as B2C in India. Till last month no one was there, but now 1 company has launched similar product.

But our product approach, its communication strength and rewarding activities are more appealing than any other.


Rakeysh M

9595 771 672 (Pune)


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