Dear Friends,

In an attempt to build strong Agriculture Community we have started a website called- 

We have features such as- 
Forum Discussions (General, Student, Technical Research, and Business Proposals) 
Agriculture Jobs
Agriculture Scholarships
Agriculture Startups
Agriculture News
Agriculture Groups
Blogs, Events, Photos, Videos, and Stories about people associated with agriculture. 

We plan to build a strong network of all the Agriculture Universities in India and also connect with foreign Agriculture Universities. Students, teachers, researchers and experts from around the world will be able to interact, share knowledge and benefit from each other. If you're interested to share knowledge and benefit from others too click on Sign Up and join the network.

Constructive feedback is always welcomed.

Best Regards,

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Great job :) in the agriculture field I am impressed by this site! Could you pm me your email address, want to discuss a few things. Thanks
Hi Keerthi, can a farmer be a member? If yes how would he be benifited?

Yes of course Pratibha, farmer is going to benefit a lot as he/she can interact with experts.

Sure thanks Keerthi! Great initiative.I am a agriculture graduate from Pune ... though my business is not connected with Agri but would love to help in this initiative.. Let me know if you need any help.

Thanks Pratibha. I'll get in touch with you soon.

Update: we have about 64 members as of today, the goal is to reach 1 million agriculture members by the end of this year.


I have joined the group since I have been trying to start farming in Pune for some time.

If this group gets some support from the district administration then it would help a lot of wannabe farmers because the red-tapism etc associated with land development can destroy good intentions/plans. Do you think that this could be one of the agenda of the group?




Hi Randhir,

We are open to collaborate with Govt/ Govt Agencies/ NGOs if it helps farmers or any agri stakeholders. Please do let me know if there is something that you want to contribute in that domain.


Hi keerti, glad to be part of this community. I would also appreciate if we could chat and discuss about how can we exchange benefits.



Hi Rohit,

Great to connect. Are you talking about Agriculture Circle Community?

Somewhere we can connect agriculture community with technology !

Sure, let's connect on a phone call later today. I'll PM you my number.


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