Hello POCC,


I am founder of an open source project and developer of the open source algorithm ( and software ) of this project.


Along with the open source part, I am developer of many advanced algorithms (and software) part for the same project.


Project consists of:


1. Basic Open Source Software and the basic algorithm. [Its there for anyone for free, of-course!]

2. Advanced Closed source Software and the advance algorithms for core product as well as few plugins)

3. Prototype Hardware.


I want to sell this project and need help from people who have experience of selling projects to enterprise / NGO / Government in USA / Europe priced over $1 million.


I want to know where can I find such brokers who can help me with the selling process.


Does anyone have an experience dealing with such people?

If yes, would you kindly share your experience?


Lastly, if you know of any one who MIGHT be able to guide me in this process of finding such people, kindly do let me know.


Thanks alot.



Omkar Nisal

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Hello Vinay,


Yes, I believe we have met quite some time ago at your office on Paud Road via Aditya Laghate.

Glad to connect with you online!


I had an online chat with one of the POCC members about giving 'some' details about the project so as to facilitate the search for the right people. How I wish I could give LOT of details, but unfortunately can't.


Could you kindly pass on the content of the main posting of this discussion to the people in your network?

Thanks in advance for that kind gesture.


Having said that, I am open for an 1 on 1 meet for discussing other possible products and synergies.

 omkar ( at ) otsnow (do t) com    

is my email id. Shall wait for your email.


After initial MoU, NDA and other formalities an online demo is possible.


Moreover, traveling for demonstration and negotiations is feasible.



I have lived in the US for 24 years and have plenty of contacts there, although I now live in Pune.  If you can send me some information, I can contact people I know there.

A. Gupte

anil at gupte dot net.


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