Hello POCC,


I am founder of an open source project and developer of the open source algorithm ( and software ) of this project.


Along with the open source part, I am developer of many advanced algorithms (and software) part for the same project.


Project consists of:


1. Basic Open Source Software and the basic algorithm. [Its there for anyone for free, of-course!]

2. Advanced Closed source Software and the advance algorithms for core product as well as few plugins)

3. Prototype Hardware.


I want to sell this project and need help from people who have experience of selling projects to enterprise / NGO / Government in USA / Europe priced over $1 million.


I want to know where can I find such brokers who can help me with the selling process.


Does anyone have an experience dealing with such people?

If yes, would you kindly share your experience?


Lastly, if you know of any one who MIGHT be able to guide me in this process of finding such people, kindly do let me know.


Thanks alot.



Omkar Nisal

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Dear Omkar,


Days Greeting!!!


Hope you are doing Good.

I am Abhishek Samant, I am at director of samantha Technologies. 

We have a software company, which Provides IT Solutions and consulting.

We even do Marketing for IT Companies in India and USA. So just can you give me more details about your 




Abhishek samant


Hello Abhishek ,


Thanks for your reply.

Before I can disclose any details I would need  following details from your corporate email id.


1. Complete profile of your company,

2. Company's past success report (for selling Indian company and/or products above $1 million)

3. The time frame from start to finish for each such success story.

4. Copy of Non- Disclosure Agreement your company usually signs before taking up such projects.

5. Reference of at least two people whose company / product has been sold for over $1 million. (The Sellers)


Kindly send this infomation to omkar@otsnow.com and IF all things seem okay, we can proceed further.



Omkar Nisal

Dear Omkar,


We are a web design and development solutions company based in Pune. 

We have 9 years of experience behind us that helps us handle each client uniquely. We have an in-house Design and Development Team of 35 members specializing in providing web solutions for small and big businesses. We offer custom web design and e-commerce development for online marketing ventures as well as artistically created graphic designs and maintenance of web based solutions. 

We have a good market presence in the US, Uk and Australia.

We are in search of products which we can up-sell to our present and future clients.

I would want to know more about the product.

Please let me know how we can take this further.




BDM, Graphinet Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,


+919326167892, +91-20-25280525



Hello Preetam,


Thanks for your message.


Currently I am looking for an individual or a company to help me make a ONE TIME deal and thus am looking for those who already have helped individuals / companies sell their company or entire project at one go for over $1 million.


For any reason, if I change my action plan & think of a tie-up for selling individual products instead of selling out the project at one go, I will surely contact you for a discussion.


Best wishes for your product search for up-selling to your clients. If at all I come across web development (or related) product, I would be glad to send across the details to you on above mentioned email id.


Thanks once again,




Omkar Nisal

Hi Omkar,


Thank you for the response.

Best of luck with your project. From my side if I connect to some one capable I would surely let you know.




Hello Omkar,


With your permission I would be glad to forward your request on to others within my network to see if anyone could offer some helpful advice.


Best Regards,


Hello Stephen,


Thanks for forwarding the request.



I would be glad to hear any helpful advice.


Hello Girish,


Yes you are right. "Acquire"  might be the most apt word it.


Painfully, I would like to sell overseas for three reasons:


1. It is quite observed that the amount of money, easy of things, as well as overall return on invested efforts and resources are better values, paid of and appreciated abroad than in India. And this is especially because I am Indian. Of course this is a very personal view out of my personal experience, and definitely not a general statement / observation.


2. I have already contacted various companies, politician, bureaucrats, semi govt orgs and even VCs.  I am not too happy with any one's response except for couple of bureaucrats.

 Girish, I have been working on this project for several years and met people from various backgrounds and thought schools. Although I have  heard of and met many wonderful people, I am yet to meet someone who would actually take out the cheque book and sign off a big amount cheque that I expect for my project.


3. I have a gut instinct that at least two of my other 4 projects probably could be also sold to the same buyer and there are more chances of synergy and respectful harmony with International buyer than the Indian ones. Again, these are my personal views not necessarily fact about every Indian company/investor . And if there exists one in India like that, I would merrily give preference to an Indian buyer than any other.


Please let me know if you know anyone whom I can contact regarding this.



Hi Omkar,

I am an individual from Pune and have working experience in IT MNC. I have started a small firm as well. I work full time in MNC to sale IT services to large corporations in US and the value ranges from USD 100,000 to few million USD.

If you can give me a brief idea as to what your algorithm caters to or what kind of organizations can it help to customise their requirements, probably I can try and help you. You can email me @ rupeshbhat@gmail.com or drop me your contact details and I'll call you up.



Thanks Rupesh,

I have sent you an email on the above mentioned email id of yours.



Hello Omkar,  

I am neither of above you are seeking Agents/ Broker / Middleman for such a project. Subject to you feeling comfortable about it, we can have a 1 to 1 word about the project to give me enough visibility of what type of person will foot your requirement. Decision to approach them will be entirely yours. I may have people in my network who may handle this or who may  have visibility of such people.

btw, have we met any time before? thru' aditya laghate at Softspin's Paud Road office?

best wishes,



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