These are exciting times as Bitcoin is at an all-time high and for the first time in history its the geeks, nerds, developers, and techies, who are new millionaires. This is a pure technology play and the greatest time for the technocrats. In a world full of opportunities in crytpo currencies, this is the time to ride the wave. 


We are a small team of crypto investors, analyst, and programmers, based out of Silicon Valley, USA. We also have a couple of team members in Pune-India. 

We are self-funded(good amount) and have already started working on the project couple of months ago. 

We would like to expand our team and looking for new team members to join us. Here are a few things to keep in mind before responding:- 

- Java developers (Spring, hibernate, Security and other spring stack)

- Java with UI development

- Core Java ( Multithreading, high-frequency programming)

Freelancers are welcome. 

Please send the email at :- Sumit784@gmail.com

P.S: Only people who are genuinely interested, available and good programmers should apply.


Sumit Rathore 

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