A blog for answering common doubts that entrepreneurs have about Content Development

Hi Everyone,

I am Amruta Ranade, a content writer and blogger. During my 2 years in this profession, I have met many entrepreneurs and startup owners who struggle with their online and offline content. Also there are a lot of misconceptions and inhibitions regarding content in the minds of most people.

So to help them out and make their lives a bit easier, I have launched Writing Stylus (http://writingstylus.wordpress.com) - a blog designed to help startups and entrepreneurs develop content that communicates their message effectively. Here you will find useful relevant tips for good content, get a sneak-peek into a writer's world from a business owner's perspective, share knowledge, and basically have fun :)

I hope this blog helps you in your marketing strategies. In case you have any doubts or some questions that have not been answered on the blog, drop me a mail and I will reply accordingly.

Have an awesome 2011 :)


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