7 Level Studios - Looking for a 2D Concept/Character Artist - short term contract

Hello All,
7 Level Studios is looking for 2D character artist on contract.
We need to create concept art and original characters for casual game on Flash & IOS

Title: 2D Concept/Character Artist 
Company: 7 Level Studios
Location: Pune, India.


• Knowledge of Flash game art pipeline and asset optimization

• Great visual creativity and passion for video game creation and art. 
Should appreciate all types video games, comic books, modern art and animation.

• Excellent Character Design skills with the ability to create characters in a clean, detailed style, 
including strong command of anatomy and character animation techniques. 

• Good artistic drawing skills (Concept art & Character Sketching). Should demonstrate the ability to create characters in a variety of styles/Moods/Pose.Use your eye for design to create a variety of styles and concepts. 

• Must be able to work equally on loose, exploratory sketches as well as on tight, detailed, final illustrations.

• Great sense of line and form, color and lighting, human anatomy,

Applicants should reply with portfolios and artwork to rudrasen@7levelstudios.com

Founder & Principal

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