I am looking forward for 3D printing services and 3D modelers, with knowledge about plastics, biology and heat transfer. Get in touch with me over here or even on twitter @apurvac

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Hello Mrs Apurva. 

I am Yash, Director of Chizel. We are 8 months old organization working in 3D printing domain from Pune. 

I am curious to understand your requirement and would be more than happy to help you out. 

Kindly share your contact no so that I can reach you. 

Thank you

Hey There,

I have hands on experience in 3D modeling(3.5 years)

Mail-ID: kathale.suraj@gmail.com

Hello Apurva,

I am B.E. Mechanical and working in Design Domain from last 3 years.

I know some basics of Biology as I had it as main Subject during High school.

so, I come with heat transfer and 3D modelling both. 

you may get in touch wit me at: kaknevinay@gmail.com

Thank You.\


Hi!  this appears to be a very old thread, but I'll take a chance.  I am loking for 3D printing of a part.  I have made a rough model , but you will need to make drawings if required.  Please feel to call me at 9370131365.


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