A Startup Speed Date (SSD) is being planned for the next POCC Meet on Oct 18th.

Date: Sat, Oct 18th
Venue: SICSR, 7th Floor
Timings: 4pm to 7pm
Map: http://www.sadakmap.com/p/SICSR/map/

The idea is for POCC members to get to know the city-entrepreneurs better and on the flip side, the entrepreneurs get to practice their elevator-pitch, field biting questions, and maybe find that one person they sorely need on their team. Please note that this is not a hiring event so please leave those Resumes behind.

Here's the format of a SSD:
1. All the startups will first give a brief introduction.
2. Startups will occupy tables
3. Folks would get to do a sit-down with the startup for a max of 5 (? tbd) minutes
4. At end of the 5 min round the folks move on to the next table
5. this process continues till all in the room have gotten a chance to meet the ones manning the tables
6. At the end of the event you have a chance to win prizes (no iPods - all startups here) by guessing the startup from quiz questions

Entrepreneurs Signed up so far:
1. ThinkingSpace Technologies - http://thinkingspace.in
2. Chroma Systems Pvt Ltd. - http://www.chromasystems.com/
3. Lipikaar - Express yourself in Language - http://www.lipikaar.com/
4. pringOO - express your Individuality - http://www.pringOO.com
5. Shop Online at Laxmi Road - http://www.laxmiroad.in
6. http://www.justmeans.com - News, Jobs, and Networks for people who create change
7. Pay for Performance SEM Solution - http://www.Sokrati.com
8. A Wissen Systems initiative - http://startupforstartups.com/
9. Kaboodle - Social Shopping Network - http://www.kaboodle.com
10. Information Engine (Search Startup) called "42" - http://42.dnsdojo.com/wiki42/42_video.html
11. AI for information access on mobile - http://www.alabot.com/
12. Sales/Marketing services for SME's - http://www.markonix.com
13. Contextual widgets for your website/blog - http://hover.in
14. Building Business Solutions - http://www.wissentechnologies.biz
15. Localization, GIS, Web 2.0 ... using Open Source Technologies - IndicTrans Technologies - http://indictrans.in/
16. SaaS for Equity Research - http://www.virtuaresearch.com

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I am a new member to this group and would be interested in meeting other members on 18. Please let me know what is to be done. Is there any registration or something?

Swapnil Patil


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