My name is Saurabh Jain and I am one of the founders of ThinkingSpace
Technologies - a small startup based out of Pune, India.

Besides other things that we do, we do a product called ActiveCiti
(http://www.activeciti.com) which allows people to organise and host
events - dinners, birthday parties, picnics, conferences, barcamps,
etc. (You get the picture)

I noticed that many of the POCC events which take place - run into the
same organisational difficulties.
Polls, RSVPs, etc. to name a few.

ActiveCiti helps solve all these issues.
We have RSVPs, polls, public events, discussion boards and tonnes of
other stuff.

So it would be awesome if people who want to organise events via POCC
(and also otherwise) could take our website for a spin and let us know
what you feel. Give us your feedback.

We are always working on the product, iterating it and putting in new
stuff which we think people would find cool. So please give us a shot
and let us know what you feel. Your feedback will go a long way.

Thanks again for reading all the way.

(I'm sorry for posting this message again in this forum after the google groups - but I was under the impression both were linked)

- Saurabh

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When we have the next meeting - on the third saturday of September, let's give it a shot.

Hey thanks Navin.
We'd really appreciate it.

- Saurabh
Howz it different from a secure Orkut community / Google Calendar / or a Yahoo group? Perhaps, a free SMS alert feature will attract users, but I'm sure the biggies (Google / Yahoo / MSN) would start offering this soon (in India).


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