Hi, I am planning to start my own consulting practice in the area of business strategy and planning targetted towards small and medium enterprise in all industries. I am looking for a financial partner to invest in the company on a profit sharing basis. I am looking for an opportunity to discuss my business plans with anyone on the PuneOpenCoffeeClub who can guide me in my concept building as well as may consider investing in this knowledge business. As a small consultant, me and my team can offer great value for money and quality work. Can someone help me with my finding a finance partner?

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Hi Dipti,

I am curious to find your background. You mentioned in another post that you are a marketing person - are you specializing in Marcom or more of technical/product marketing?

The reason I am asking is this - I have a Marketing company and one of the things I am doing is helping Indian product startups sell their technology in the North American market. I have been in the hi-technology field for the last 14/15 years. I have lots of questions and certain ideas - if you are free, we can discuss this in detail. I can also provide a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business plan.

Secondly, why do you think it is essential to find venture capital for a consulting company? VCs as a rule generally don't invest in services/consulting businesses unless there is a potential for a moon shot.
You could try connecting to VIEDEA, (http://www.viedea.com/).

I think an initial conversation would be necessary to help determine if they will be able to add the value your looking for. Let me know if you would like an introduction (sdawara at gmail dot com).


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