15 years Internet veteran available for advise & consultation over a cup of coffee :)

Hi Pune Startups.

I am Santosh Maharshi, an ex-bollywood, ex-rediff, ex-Microsoft India & Singapore with experience in launch & growing internet products in India and South East Asia.
I will be happy to do pro-bono no strings and fees attached 1 or 2 consulting sessions with you over a cup of coffee in Kondhwa area. (You may or may not pay for the coffee, the pleasure is mine)

I can be contacted for
- Product Strategy
- Business Strategy
- Growth Hacking
- User Acquisition
- Digital / Online Marketing
- Content verticals / apps
- Online / Social communities & apps.

Santosh Maharshi
Partner Gray Labs & Founding Editor - Mobkarma

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Nice to see this post :)

I wanna meet you. Let me know when and where as per your convenience. 

Hi Sent you a friend request and I am available NINE FIVE TWO SEVEN 559 726

Keen. let me know how we can make this happen!

Hi Sent you a friend request and I am available NINE FIVE TWO SEVEN 559 726


I would like to meet you sometime next week if possible for you.



Hi Sure Mrinalini, Sent you a friend request and I am available NINE FIVE TWO SEVEN 559 726


Please share your cell No. with me so that I can contact you.  My cell No. is 9822394170.

I am a Consultant and coordinating with a US company for exploring promotion of their  internet based product in the Indian TV industry. Since you are ex bollywood you might understand the concept better than me.  This can figure out  long term mutual cooperation on professional basis amongst us.  If you are visiting Camp area, Deccan, FC Road, let me know and I can meet you there either.




Sent you SMS Sanjay ! Lets connect whenever you are free. 


My name is Vinay Satwe and do like to meet for a cup of coffee with you.

Please reply as per your convenience.

Looking forward to meet you,

Best Regards,

Vinay Satwe


Sent you SMS Vinay ! Lets connect whenever you are free. 

Dear Santosh,

It's a wonderful way to connect and I'd look forward to discuss about my own company (web development) and our own web based product that we have developed with you if you're interested. The product leverages the power of WordPress to build unique out-of-the-box online presence and marketing solution for small businesses and professionals.

My email id is info[@]resonateweb.com and I request you to share your email/mobile so we can get in touch.

Thank you for your time

Sapan Shah

Thanks for calling Sapan. Nice to talk to you on phone. Looking forward to meet you this weekend. 




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