POCC Meetup - III, Saturday, June 14th, 5pm, Cafe Barista, Law College Rd.


We will be meeting on Saturday, June 14th, @ 5pm, Barista Law College Rd. next to Ind Search. Look forward to a strong turn out.

* Themes - Synergising startups through Service Provider - Client relationships or just good old Fashioned Business Collaboration.
* Freeman Murray will talk about the possibility of Y!Combinator style
startup incubation in Pune
* Hemant Joshi from nFactorial software will talk about his
experiences and thoughts on mentoring startups and entrepreneurs in
* Where
Barista Law College Rd., next to Ind Search.
The original BookEazy terrace is not a good idea due to the monsoons.

Volunteers requested! Please get in touch with me - santosh at bookeazy dot com.

Confirmed attending (25+ so far).

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Alright. Let me chip in with my preferences.

1. Where: Shivajinagar/Aundh/Baner
2. When: Weekday
3. What: Combination. Two talks with time in between for general networking.

Suggestion for a theme/special invitee:
Freeman Murray - Founded and successfully sold a startup. Currently a mentor at IIM-A's iAccelerator program. He is spending a lot of time thinking about creation of a startup mentoring program (like YCombinator), possibly in Pune. He will be in Pune around 13th and 14th. We could have him chair a discussion on whether such a mentoring program would be useful, what entrepreneurs would want out of such a program, etc. If this sounds interesting, let me know in the comments and I can set this up.
Freeman Murray -
This definitely does sound interesting.
weekday is not possible for me; or may be for most of working crowd.

So my vote is for weekend.

Freeman Murray- Idea is great to invite him.
Can we have something related to opensource business model.if some one knows an expert in same.
Perhaps you can ping someone from Zmanda to help you there?
If we are inviting Freeman Murray, it will have to be on a weekend (or Friday evening) in any case, since he is visiting only for a couple of days on 13th, 14th June.

Also, if this theme (mentoring startups/entrepreneurs in Pune) sounds interesting, I can check with Hemant Joshi of nFactorial to see if he is also available to participate in the mentoring discussion.

I'll wait for a day or two to see if any other suggestions for a theme or special invitee etc. show up on the comments here and then contact Freeman and Hemant and see if they would be willing to participate.

-Navin Kabra
Ah, that guys sounds interesting, and I would definitly second that!

We at EnTrip have recently teamed up with the Amity Innovation Incubator in Delhi, and part of their mission is to foster EnTrepreneurship (so they are an incubator, but also have government subsidies - so actually not for profit!)

I'm in good terms with the chairman of Amity, i don't know if he had time, but I could always ask if he'd be interested to share his views on fostering entrepreneurship, what the challenges are, and how to form a better ecosystem to match that of Silicon Valley?

btw, i met him at a BarCamp which he hosted, and he's since been in love with the idea of barcamps and startup networks.

My personal thought is that we've all heard enough stories of successful startups, but what would help us all most (long term) is how to create the environment of Silicon valley where the ecosystem is very supportive of startups. EnTrip is staying in Pune btw, because we love it here!

Hi Anthony,

I am smelling something good to come; even you could be a speaker; you spoke pretty good things in wicamp at Wipro pune.

I am in for this; lets go ahead and plan it ASAP.

I fully agree with you we need a ecosystem like silicon valley; that will fasten the process for getting started................as it takes pretty long to find right set of people and getting started and if we can have such a ecosystem in place that will definitely boost it up.

Lets go ahead guys :)

Hi Navin,

Thats really a good idea and I am in with you.............from my side you can go ahead with your plans....................but still as you say lets wait for couple of days.

Good initiative.

Vishwajeet Singh
Hey Guys,

I'd love to come.
I'll be in Pune from June 12th to 15th tho the 13th im busy.
As Navin mentioned I'm a mentor in the iaccelerator - ciieindia.org
which is based on the ycombinator(.com).

Looking forward .

Freeman Murray sounds interesting. Mentoring is a very important activity and i am sure many would benefit from this discussion. It could even attract those who are in the process of starting something on their own.
I'm up for this event!!

I've attended StartupSchool this year and am very active on YCombinator. I have friends that are part of the program (iJigg). I'm also working with Beanstockd which is part of the DreamIT Ventures.

My partner and I are thinking about moving to Pune and really love this initiative for Silicon Valley culture!


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